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Nikto SSL scan (max 60 sec) (nikto -host -ssl -maxtime 60)
- Nikto v2.5.0
+ Target IP:
+ Target Hostname:
+ Target Port:        443
+ SSL Info:        Subject:  /CN=*
                   Altnames: *,
                   Ciphers:  TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384
                   Issuer:   /C=BE/O=GlobalSign nv-sa/CN=AlphaSSL CA - SHA256 - G4
+ Start Time:         2024-04-26 09:19:37 (GMT-4)
+ Server: Apache/2.4.41 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1c PHP/7.3.11
+ /: Cookie MoodleSession created without the httponly flag. See:
+ /: Retrieved x-powered-by header: PHP/7.3.11.
+ /:X-Frame-Options header is deprecated and has been replaced with the Content-Security-Policy HTTP header with the frame-ancestors directive instead. See:
+ /: Uncommon header 'content-style-type' found, with contents: text/css.
+ /: Uncommon header 'content-script-type' found, with contents: text/javascript.
+ /: The site uses TLS and the Strict-Transport-Security HTTP header is not defined. See:
+ /: The X-Content-Type-Options header is not set. This could allow the user agent to render the content of the site in a different fashion to the MIME type. See:
+ Scan terminated: 0 error(s) and 7 item(s) reported on remote host
+ End Time:           2024-04-26 09:20:39 (GMT-4) (62 seconds)
+ 1 host(s) tested
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Scan method
Nikto SSL scan (max 60 sec)
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nikto -host -ssl -maxtime 60
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Scan date
26 Apr 2024 09:20
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About 4 times
Some firewalls blocks Nikto. For get true positive results add IP addresses ( or CIDR to the whitelist
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